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We have got to a point where education technology becomes a top priority for schools, and educational institutions to ensure our students and teachers are in a world-class learning environment and can adequately compete internationally. We provide wide range services that ensure we can do just that, from teachers training to smart school networks, educational technologies and much more.


Discovery is service for teachers and school to get professional help on picking education technology for their organizations.

Smart System

This is a smartcard systems that includes smart students and staff ID cards and a school information management system that helps the various departments access to the needed students information.

Google for Education

From Google Docs, classroom chat groups and email, Google Education provide a means to take the classroom online.

ICT Policy Development

Are you trying to create an ICT policy that treats privacy and security first, while allowing you to connect your institution to the world? We are able to provide a responsive, relevant and fair policy to guide you.

Professional Development

We host and provides on demand, a number of Training services largely to do with the promotion of technological skill development for teachers, administrators and education professionals

Elearning Platform

We offer a range of e-learning solutions suitable for various types of educational institutions as well as organizations interested in expanding their services to including e-learning components.


An online platform where students can prepare for a number of matriculation exams within Nigeria, all of West Africa.

Display Technology

From SmartBoards and Laboratory equipment to cutting edge projection technology and 3D printers, Sprout EdTech is your one stop shop for education essentials.

EdTech Assessment

Nothing beats the competition like a little inside information. Well, we won’t tell you about the other schools, but we will tell you about the latest advances in technology and policy that leading schools around the world have adopted.

Consultancy Services

How well your institution ranks in terms of IT integration and efficiency? Sprout EdTech provides unparalleled expertise in our consultancy services, granting you access to professional opinions you can rely on in directing the course of your institution.

Smart Schools Network

The Smart Schools Network is a community of educationist, Administrations, ICt Trainers, government officials, and policymakers passionate about getting the best out of technology and its implementation in education.