For a couple of months now, the world has been rocked to the core by the COVID-19 pandemic, physical stores and businesses are shutting down worldwide, lockdowns have been initiated by a lot of countries including Nigeria. The pandemic has restructured the business climate therefore, it is no longer business as usual.

However, it’s been said that for every storm, there is a silver lining. In a post COVID world, that silver lining is that it is easier now to move your business online and still maintain the same level of productivity as before in a more efficient manner.

As a business owner, your business has a greater chance of surviving and even thriving during this pandemic if you begin to cultivate an online culture and strategy to support your business goals and the best part is that it still ties into your current business structure and just gives you more opportunities for expansion and growth.

To give you a soft landing into digital waters, we have come up with a checklist that encompasses all you need to get your business online and enjoy the comforts of working from anywhere you are in the world (even in your kitchen).This list covers everything you need to get up to speed including all the buzzwords that are been thrown around these days; digital marketing, online marketing and social media marketing.


The checklist is the comprehensive guide you need to grow your brand online and even gain new customers. The checklist covers

  • what your digital footprint is all about,
  • getting familiar with social media for business purposes,
  • managing your finances and inventory,
  • receiving payments online,
  • staying productive and
  • managing your customers and getting new customers, and
  • promoting your business online all without standing up from your couch.

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