One-Off Development is Killing Your Business

Most online platforms will do a whole lot better if the owners stop with the one-off website development techniques and move towards a more sustainable online strategy. We are not talking about anything too complicated or fancy, we are simply saying, stop throwing money into building your website once and then hoping the internet will do the rest. Because it takes more than that and today I plan to show you why and how.

Developing a one-off website is similar to planting a seed and never going back to water it or check on it to ensure all the environmental factors are suitable for it to germinate.

Unfortunately, even developers have sold this false hope all too often. Today we think its important to help guide you on ways you can ensure your online investments doesn’t go to waste so that you can actually get your money’s worth. Through continuous, and affordable regular improvement, you can grow your website users over time and take high impact actions that will grow your business.

Here is our 5 guides to what you need to know and do to ensure you get online traffic you need for your business/organisation to flourish.

1. Driving traffic

After building a website, you still need to draw traffic to it. People do not just automatically find you, you need to use quick, affordable ways to get them there initially. Sending our regular newsletters/posting on your social media channels, directing your followers to your site and running ads are some ways to improving your site visits.

2. The website you launch is often different from the one that serves your audience

A traditional ‘launch it and leave it’ website can never yield the results any business today requires. In fact, the key to serving your online audience better requires constant refinement and continuous improvement. A perfect example is: You may have a contact form on your website and none has ever used it. If you are serving the African market, switching it for a ‘chat with us via WhatsApp’ will make a significant difference. We have found that when we are paying attention to our audience, our website becomes more practical than the one at launch, which brings us to the next point.

3. Follow the data/listen to what your analytics is saying

This is one of the biggest tips we have for non-techie website owners. Improving your website isn’t a blind guessing activity, it can be driven by simple data e.g number of visitors to certain pages, how long people visit a site etc. One way to make sure you have the right data is by checking your analytics on your WordPress dashboard, Sprout installs this on all our clients’ websites. We use MonsterInsights to power this.

4. Opt for a monthly update plan

If you are building with us, this plan is highly encouraged and available. What monthly updates help you achieve is that it allows you to test small changes quickly and reduces your technical debt because you are improving consistently over time. Such plans range from blog updates, the e-commerce products updates, addition of pages or sales funnels.

And if you are not developing with us, as your web developer for the monthly update plan that will ensure broken links are fixed, homepage banners changed on a regular bases to align with your offline strategy.

5. Map your online strategies

Don’t just pay a developer to update your website monthly, map out clearly what your business/organisation would like to achieve via the website. This can include new followers, sales, traffic to your physical store, new customers sign In, funding exposure e.t.c. and spell our what metrics your site needs to ensure you achieve them. This will help guide your developer to your better online shops.

So, instead of redesigning your website once every year, why not opt for a monthly maintenance plan, that can be tweak to ensure regular growth. One-off development is slowing down your online growth and ultimately online sales.

“Online Investment is a process, not magic”

Article by Damilola Anwo-Ade

Damilola Anwo-Ade is the Managing Partner of Sprout and the founder of CodeIT. Damilola has worked in various capacities as an ICT - Training Consultant including with Intel, UN women Nigeria and many others. She has also worked on a number of project-based management or development role, delivering successful strategic projects to aid educational or IT development globally.

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