Bothered About the Post COVID-19 Era?
bothere about the post covid era

Don’t be, because we are here for You!

And We are sure that the several women-owned businesses we have been coaching under the International Trade Centre’s SheTrades Digital transformation Program can attest to that.

We are excited to hit the final phase of business coaching for selected International Trade Centre’s SheTrades Cohorts. The Digital Transformation program is equipping several Women-Owned Businesses across Nigeria with the knowledge to remain digitally relevant in the post-COVID 19 Era.
For the past 2 months and counting, Sprout Digital has been providing Women-Owned Businesses with an edge to strategically position their businesses online. These amazing women have re-positioned their business to take advantage of the internet and some already report an increase in profitability just by applying the knowledge gotten from the ongoing training.

They’ve gotten the knowledge to optimize the use of social media for their businesses, building and optimizing WordPress based websites for their business and the best practices for conducting business online. They’ve signed up on the Google my Business Platform and a couple have gone on to register on a couple of both national and international online marketplaces. These women-owned businesses are not bothered about the post-COVID-19 era as their businesses have been positioned to take advantage of it.

Our team of coaches and ICT professionals cover topics including but Email Marketing, Website and E-commerce Site, Social Media Management and Online Marketplaces. All the trainings and coaching sessions took place online via webinars, Online Classrooms and Whatsapp.

Check out some of the feedbacks from WOBs during the sessions

Article by Christian Igbomara

Non-practising Microbiologist, Beauty and Fashion Photographer, Web designer, Gamer, And your all-round Geek

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