bothere about the post covid era
Bothered About the Post COVID-19 Era?

Don’t be, because we are here for You! And We are sure that the several women-owned businesses we have been coaching under the International Trade Centre’s SheTrades Digital transformation Program can attest to that. We are excited to hit the final phase of business coaching for selected International Trade Centre’s SheTrades Cohorts. The Digital Transformation […]

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How to get free Branded Email Addresses

How to get free Branded Email Addresses   In today’s business world, a branded email is an essential tool for all businesses. Luckily, you get free branded emails when you host your website with Sprout Hosting. On Sprout Hosting, setting up your branded email is super easy, just follow the steps below; Log in to […]

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Get a More Professional look – Online Marketing 101

Give Your Business Emails a Professional look In today’s business world, first impressions are crucial. However, you might be missing out on clientele and making a bad impression by using a generic Gmail or Yahoo email address. One sure way to make a good impression from the start is by using a branded email address. […]

stepping your online game
Stepping Up Your Online Game In A Post COVID World

For a couple of months now, the world has been rocked to the core by the COVID-19 pandemic, physical stores and businesses are shutting down worldwide, lockdowns have been initiated by a lot of countries including Nigeria. The pandemic has restructured the business climate therefore, it is no longer business as usual. However, it’s been […]